WWPD? (What Would Penny Do)


I don’t know what I’ll do when there’s no Penny. I cry myself to sleep at night thinking about it. She just lays on me licking the tears off my face. Telling me it’s okay. Because she knows she will always be here with me. Supporting me and loving me and giving me the confidence to make it through another day. When we were given Penny she was kind of a reject, the only dog who didn’t get a home. She’s bow legged, doesn’t see well, and can’t hunt to save her life (because she’s Buddha in dog’s clothing). I didn’t even like her when I first met her because I had an expensive pedigree English Setter (who was a total bitch). But I got stuck with her one year when I was desperately trying to improve my life, and rather than telling me to screw off she forgave me and became a part of me as my Service Setter. So everyone threw her away but no one knew how special she could be until now. People come up to me around the country amazed at her and what she does for me. And she takes good care of her children, my other dogs and cats and throw away animals no one wants. And that’s what I will continue to do for the rest of my life because What Would Penny Do? (WWPD). People who are kind to animals aren’t always nice to other humans. Sometimes they’re horrible and I have first hand experience of that. But even though someone has permanently hurt me doesn’t mean that I quit trying. I just try to help the less fortunate now rather than trying to complete myself with those who are better than me. <3


Castle in the Sand

I wrote this for my horse, BB Lyric++ before she died.

Sunshine on my back,
Your touch,
And lovely scenery.
Those are the three things I need in this world.

I miss you, need you, gotta have you.
By my side for the everlasting length of time.
Until my time here is done,
I need you, gotta have you, I love you.
By my side for the everlasting length of time.

Don’t know what I’d do without you
Without warmth, and feelings, and poetry.
You are poetry in itself.
Running, laughing, dancing,
A constant smiling girl.
You amaze me.

I miss you, need you, gotta know you.
Throughout my life, for the everlasting length of time.
Without you I wouldn’t know who I am.
I miss you, need you, I love you
Throught my life, this everlasting length of time.

You are my castle in the sand.
I don’t ever want you to be washed away,
Or knocked down.
Once you’re gone I can’t build you back up again.
I’d be nothing without you.
You are the greatness in my life.
You are the reason I am unique.

The reason I laugh, the reason I love,
The reason I cry, and the reason I stay.
If it weren’t for you I’d run…

I miss you, need you, gotta know you need me too.
Without the sun there’d be nothing.
Frozen desolation in itself.
You’re my sun shining in golden fields of green.
In everlasting time, you will always be near.
I miss you, need you, gotta know you need me too.
But in everlasting time, will you always be here?

Sunshine on my back,
Your touch,
And lovely scenery.
Those are the three things I need in this world.
And I need poetry.
You’re my poetry.

I Miss You…

I wish I could spend the night holding onto you

Just to feel the soothing warmth of your skin

My toes wrapping around yours

As we drift into a quiet night of nothingness

Awakened only by sunlight gracing the window panes

And your moist kisses on my back

Telling me I’m yours forever

‘Till death do us part.

Service Dog & Handler: Backpacking.

Escanaba Lake Trail
Boulder Junction, WI

Macro Opportunities on Escanaba Lake Trail


What am I supposed to do?
Just sit around and wait for you
Or tell you I’m in love?
When half the time I don’t know what’s real
Or if it’s just another figment of imagination?
I care or else I wouldn’t waste my time
Or feel that pressure in my chest
Every time I think of you…
And wonder about the truth
If I’m being selfish.
Has enough time gone by?
Is there still more to experience?

I wish everything could just go away…
Better yet the past 10 years.
If only I could accept all that is the present
And stop wondering all about you.
What you’re doing now
Is ripping me apart.
All these questions
Not enough answers
Is making me impatient
Nervous and angry.
Things are brighter;
Noises are louder.
It’s almost like a migraine coming on…

Maybe I should just sit here and be satisfied,
Not seek what cannot be.
Plain & simple, just exist
Just to be happy with not knowing.
Stop wondering what would be.
Stop the remembrance.
Stop the feelings,
And just imagine…
What could be?

Favorite Architect

I can’t help but look at you and think
You’re the greatest man I’ve ever known
Small soft hands with strength so un-beholding
I can’t wait to see you
To smell you
To taste you once more
Be captivated by your body and your soul
Run my fingers through your hair
Feel your breath on my shoulder….
And think of the times in Chicago
With the warmth of the sun and your hand in mine
And the softest bed in the world…and you were mine.
If only I could hold you, stroke you, love you
Run my fingers through your soft curly black hair
And laugh because the strands are uneven
But I know you like it that way…

In my bikini watching you watch me
Running after you every chance I get.
Looking at the passers by
And wondering why
The old couples always seem so happy holding hands
Now why can’t you see me?
Can’t you even speak to me?
I know you’re asleep and that’s okay.
If only you knew me and only I knew you
And I could hold my tongue as I watch you get stoned
Not be angered by the alteration in your body chemistry
You feel you need in order to overthrow the government

Control …He wants no control
Neither do I, but I’m not submissive.
Though I do bend in order to accommodate rules in my life.
If only I could see you
If only I could touch you
If only I could run my toes up your legs once more
I miss you.
Why can’t I feel you?
My body seems all ragged and torn…
My eyes are burning
I can’t feel my legs
The night is almost over and I haven’t slept

Because I can feel you
Because I can hold you
But then I exhale and you’re not there.
You know I love you
And you know I feel you
You know I’ll always be there…
Someday I hope but maybe it won’t
Ever be what I want it to be.
I know you love me
And I know that you feel me
But do you want me consistently?

Maybe we’ll talk about it
Maybe we won’t
But someday I hope
We’ll be together
Just wait and see.


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